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Is the application considered as successful once reply slip has been submitted?  Can I submit the application form and works later?

The application is considered as successful once the reply slip has been submitted.  Application form and works should be submitted via email or by post on or before 26 August 2021.


Is there any limitations on the number of project members?

There should be no more than five members in one project.


What should be included in the submission documents?

Submission documents should include a project showcase and some supplementary information.  Information of the applicant, unit and project description should also be included in the project showcase and submitted in word or ppt format.

Supplementary information includes:

1.    BIM software application description and project design photos in ppt format, including 3D model, construction drawing, rendering, animation, etc.  There is no limitations on how they are displayed.

2.    Project BIM model should be screen recorded for 5 – 10 minutes and submitted in NWD or NWC formats. 

*Supplementary information is optional.  The judging panel will only evaluate the works the value or innovation of BIM implementation.


What is the required format of the screen recording model?


The video should be in mainstream video format such as wmv, rmvb, rm or mp4.


In regard to Clause 5 in the Declaration and Agreement, “Applicant must seek permission and recognition from project owners and relevant parties, which to be submitted along with the application”.  Is it necessary to seek authorisation, signatures and stamps from all parties, e.g. Property owner, Constructor, subcontractor, etc.?  Is it possible to write to all parties and ask to have their signatures signed without stamps?

All submissions can be certified by the property owner along with their signatures. 

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