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The International BIM Awards are to celebrate the outstanding and innovative contributions to BIM implementation from organisations and professionals.  It is to recognise and encourage sustainable development, research and education within the industry.  Prizes will be presented to awardees at The 7th International BIM Awards in this November 2022 . The awarded parties will be invited to be the spokesperson in The 7th International BIM Awards Conference in 2022. Awards are in four categories and there are more than thirty prizes to be presented.

The International BIM Awards has been held successfully for the last six years.  This year, the 7th International BIM Awards will be held in November 2022.  The awards will respond to the China’s 14th Five-Year Plan and the One Belt One Road Initiative.  Distinguished projects will be selected, presented and shared worldwide along with the BIM involvement and experience.

In the previous years, over 2,000 applications were received worldwide, for instance China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Norway, etc.  About One hundred and fifty awards were presented to various organisations such as The Hong Kong Housing Authority, the Architectural Services Department, the Water Services Department, the CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd., the Ministry of Health, Singapore, Dalian Wanda Group, Henderson China Holdings Ltd., Balfour Beatty, China Construction First Building (Group) Corporation Ltd., China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., etc.  Additionally, the studentship award is set up to inspire and encourage students to learn BIM and develop their problem-solving skill.

The awards organising committee is composed of council members from IDTM·bSHK and experienced experts. They are responsible for organising, mentoring, supervising judging panel, awards presentation, etc.  Judging panel is consisted of BIM experts worldwide. They are to review, check and evaluate entries.  The roles of council members are to execute decisions made by the organising committee and runs daily operations.



IDTM·bSHK is a neutral, international and unique non-profit organisation supporting open BIM through the life cycle. It supports government, developers, architects, consultants, construction, engineering and facility management firms' implementation of BIM technologies and process in projects by exploiting its accumulation of knowledge and standards development.

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