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The 1st International BIM Awards Conference (2015)

The Best Education Project BIM Application Award

University of San Diego-Torero Store

Balfour Beatty Construction

The Best BIM Safety and Emergency Application Award

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

The Best Business Project BIM Application Award

Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd. (HLD)

The Best Cultural Project BIM Application Award

Wanda Cultural Tourism Planning & Research Institute (CTI)

The Best BIM Point Cloud Application Award

Global Virtual Design and Construction Limited

The Best BIM Research and Development Application Award

Lifecycle BIM Proof-of-Concept for MOH Holdings Pte. Ltd.

bimSCORE, Ltd D.B.A. Strategic Building Innovation

Shanghai Jingshi Design and Construction Ltd.

The Best BIM Construction Management Application Award

China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd

China Construction First Building (Group) Corporation Limited

New Dimension in BIM

Gammon Construction Limited

The Best Building Alternations Project BIM Application Award

Architectural Services Department

The Best BIM Entrepreneur Award, The Best BIM Cost Management Application Award

Hong Kong Housing Authority

The Best BIM Application Award

Shenzhen Huayang International Engineering Design Limited Company

The Best Academic and Education Application Award

Jilin Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute

The Best BIM Facility Management Application Award

Water Supplies Department

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