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The 3rd International BIM Awards Conference (2017)

The Best BIM Governmental Award

Hong Kong Housing Authority - Housing Authority's Odyssey in Capitalizing BIM - Scaling a New Height in Integrating Designs with Revit Models

The Best BIM Operations Award

CLP Holdings - BIM Life Vitality - Power of Kai Tak Cable Tunnel Project

The Best BIM Real Estate Developer Award

Henderson (China) Investment Co. Ltd. - Jiangnan stretch of Xuhui District, Shanghai, Whampoa Ws5 unit 188S-H-2 block

The Best BIM Design Entrepreneur Award

LWK & Partners (HK) Ltd - Ningbo New World Plaza Plot 5

The Best BIM Construction Enterprise Award

China Construction Eighth Engineering Division. Corp. Ltd - BIM+ Smart Construction Site to help Xiaomi Technology Industrial Park Project; Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Centre Expansion Project Supporting Facilities (1#, 2#, 3# Block); Shenzhen Sea World Culture and Art Centre Project; BT Project of Shenzhen Metro Science and Technology Building; Huadu, Guangzhou Huadao Wanda Cultural Tourism City Commercial Building (Self-made Wandamao) Project; EPC Project of Guangxi International Zhuang Medical Hospital General Contract Project; Lize SOHO Project; Nanning China Resources East Office Tower

The Best BIM Commercial Project in BIM Application Award

Hysan Development Company Limited - Lee Garden Three

The Best BIM Innovation Enterprise Award

Kyung Hee University, Hanyang University, buildingSMART Korea, AEC3 Korea, Cospec Inno-lab - Automated Building Code. Checking in Korea

The Best Residential Project in BIM Application Award

Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute ., Ltd. - BIM Design and Innovation Application Under the Integrated System of Urban Rail Transit and Civil Construction

The Best Fitting Out Project in BIM Application Award

Soochow Huizhu Info Technology Co., Ltd - Marrisle Boutique Leisure Resort Interior Decoration Project

The Best Cultural Project in BIM Application Award

Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd - China Animation Museum; New Museum of Hubei Science and Technology Museum

The Best Retail Project in BIM Application Award

Japan Management Corporation - Innovation Design for Store facilities

The Best Infrastructure Project in BIM Application Award

China State Construction Engineering Corporation - World mazu culture BBS permanent address tourism project

JSTI Group - Xuzhou Yingbin Avenue High Speed Road Project

The Best Governmental Project in BIM Application Award

Guizhou University, Survey and Design Institute - Guizhou Province Cadres Activities Facilities Renovation and Expansion Project

The Best Renovation Project in BIM Application Award

Shanghai Binfo Engineering Consultant Limited, Shanghai Xindu Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd - No. 3, Baoqing Road Shanghai Restoration Project

The Best PPP Project in BIM Application Award

Anhui Magang Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd - Hefei Qingxi Buried Water Treatment Plant PPP Project

Super Highrise Project Award

HNA Infrastructure, HNA Real Estate Group Co., Ltd, HNA Contracting & Engineering Co., Ltd, Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd - Haikou Twin Towers (South)

The Best Complex Project in BIM Application Award

Guangxi East Hangyang Industrial Group - Guangxi Hangyang Xinhe Square Project

Office Project Award

China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd - Hengqin International Financial Centre Building Project

Exhibition Project Award

Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd - Changsha Meixi Lake International Culture and Art Centre

Maker Project Award

Guangxi Huotianxin Engineering Management Consulting Co., Ltd - Tianu Nanning ASEAN Maker Town One Group

Industrial Project Award

Shanghai Baoye Group Corp., Ltd - Application of BIM Technology in the Green Valley Pharmaceutical Project

Best Information Management in BIM Application Award

Hong Kong Housing Authority - Modelling Through Collaboration - Housing Authority Experience

Cost Management Award

Xiamen Hymake Technology Co Ltd. - Jinshan Office Building of Fujian Architectural Design and Research Institute

Design Application Award

Fujian Provincial Institute of Architectural Design And Research Co. Ltd - Quanzhou Nanyi Square

Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute - Lufang Chengdu Wanhua Lake Eco City Project

Construction Management Award

Hunan Construction Engineering Group - Chenzhou Economic Development Zone BIM GIS intelligent platform; Shagang Group Expansion 1*135MW Gas-fired Power Engineering Construction Installation; Design and Construction Integrated BIM Application of Cross Sea Tunnel Engineering in the First Eight Degree Seismic Area in China; Full Cycle BIM Application of Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Design, Production, Installation, Operation and Maintenance; Construction of Nonlinear Large Museum Aided by BIM - World Ceramic Art City

China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd - The Core Area of Tongzhou Canal Project ONE

Service Tunnel Award

Jiangxi Tongji Design Group Co., Ltd, Shanghai Internet Software Group - Jingdezhen Underground Pipe Gallery (Jingdong Area and High Iron Business District) BIM Application Project

BIM Platform Award

Shanghai Blueearth Technology Co., Ltd - Siping City Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Platform for Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery

Service Tunnel Award

Jiangxi Tongji Design Group Co., Ltd, Shanghai Internet Software Group - Jingdezhen Underground Pipe Gallery (Jingdong Area and High Iron Business District) BIM Application Project

Facility Management Platform Award

The Second Construction Engineering Co Ltd of China Construction Third Bureau - Huarun Shenzhen Bay International Business Centre BIM Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Management Platform

BIM Application Award (Studentship)

Tianjin University of Technology - BIM 3D Dynamic Visualization Simulation and Information Collaborative Management Research Project

Innovation Award (Studentship)

Harbin Institute of Technology, University of Southern California - Urban Microcell

Technology Application - BIM + GIS Award (Studentship)

Southeast University - Application of BIM & GIS Technology in Building Surface Damage Information Management

Technology Application - Design Award (Studentship)

Department of Civil Engineering, Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction, Guangxi Institute of Building Research & Design, BIM Technology Application Research Centre of Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction - Second Canteen Project at Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction

Technology Application - Lifecycle Management Award (Studentship)

Southwest Petroleum University - Research on Campus Operation and Maintenance Management Based on BIM and Application of Construction Management

Technology Application - Railway Award (Studentship)

Sichuan Normal University, Southwest Jiaotong University - Chengdu Metro Line 5 the dujianian station Electromechanical Installation of BIM Application

Technology Application - Safety Award (Studentship)

Chongqing University of Science & Technology - Application of BIM and Oblique Photography Technology in Intelligent Fire Monitoring Management System

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